More Questions

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“More Questions” is a 7-song EP that features the musical troublemaking of Josh Stamper, Chris Weisman, Asa Irons and Kurt Weisman.

The EP is a live effort recorded in the beloved Shoestring Studios (tucked away in the woods on the outskirts of Amherst, MA). Only Vesper’s vocals were done later because we had no babysitter to watch the wee ones. Ben was planning all along to redo his scratch vocals but others thought it would be a mistake, so we kept the originals.

Rocco and Rusty helped get us off the ground and running by correcting Ben’s mic placement and patching, and making sure everything was copasetic. While recording Ben ran the board while simultaneously singing and playing guitar in the control room. (What a man!) Most of the arrangements were done on the spot by all of us, and especially by Josh and Chris. We recorded for 2 days and then played some b-ball and regretfully went our separate ways: Kurt and Asa to Vermont, Josh to Connecticut, Chris to New Hampshire and Ben and Vesper to New Jersey. Afterwards, Daniel Smith got his hands on the results and mixed it onto beautiful sounding 1/4″ tape and sent it off to Kramer for mastering.

We want to thank every one just mentioned for everything. We also want to thank Jeff De Marco and his ever-expanding family for their generous logistical support that made this all happen.   Love, Ben + Vesper

Track List

1. Receptor
2. Majors Match
3. Square Fore
4. Especially We
5. Gardens Ahead
6. More Questions
7. Dinah, Forgive Us