The Singing Mechanic


My name is Daniel Smith and the Singing Mechanic’s piano songs are a tricky hat of elements. His songs are a party call for sing-along-ing and foot stomping and as they circle around beautiful instrumentals you may wonder “didn’t my grandma play that one?” There are dramatic stage elements where off-off-off-Broadway is just gonna have to come knockin’, and all the while these sweet songs keep me in a place of wonder…

I wonder HOW??? and I keep wondering WHO??? but I never seem to wonder why.

The Singing Mechanic is Vincent Voss.
The bass player is Jonathon Ford. (Unwed Sailor, Roadside Monument)
The drummer is Nathan Richards. (Casket Lottery, Unwed Sailor)
The back-up singers are Elin Smith (Danielson Famile), Megan Smith (DF), Jonathon Ford and Chris Palladino(DF)
The shaker is Andrew Smith. (DF)
The violin player is Melissa Palladino. (DF)
The bells are played by Megan Smith (DF).
Recorded & Produced by Daniel Smith (DF) at the New Jerusalem Recreation Room in Southern NJ.

“Have you ever noticed that mechanics of a certain type of car listen to a certain type of music?”

1. classic cars = classic rock
2. exotic cars = classical music
3. Saabs and Volvos = psychedelic rock.

Track List:
Dying To Be Social
Golden Opportunities
East Coast/West Coast
Panic Attack
Empty Box
He Saved Me
New Heart
Angels Understood
Oh, I Drive
March Into Heaven
No Excuses In Neenah