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“I Was A King’s latest release delivers nothing less than melodic genius.” -Beth Harper – Verbicide

“…”Echoes” echoes GBV’s “Game of Pricks” and nearly beats it at its own game; “Nightwalking” grabs that sweet spot of ebullience right between Teenage Fanclub and the Apples in Stereo; “Someone is Waiting” is pure carnival ride (musically speaking); and “Forgive and Forget’ is as breezy as breezy gets. With a batch of songs this strong Strømstad deservers to take a day off from shaving tomorrow.” -Tim Hinely – Blurt

“At first you might think you are just listening to a pleasant sixties-obsessed, Beatles-esque pop album and settle in for some pretty tunes. But soon other, more interesting feature appear on the horizon. They’ll lead you happily astray until you find yourself wandering through Wonderland proper.” -Beverly Bryan – MTV Iggy

“Don’t mistake the relaxed vibe for hesitation: these kings are ready to rule.” -Alex Bahler – Pop Matters

“…its construction is… whipsmart and its spirit one of unpretentious fun.” -Josh Hurst – Stereo Subversion

“…in the course of its half-hour, this vital and warm album’s 15 songs melodically tumble along so joyously that I Was A King might as well be all their reference points rolled into one. It’s like Britpop never happened.” -Kieron Tyler – MOJO

“Strømstad has a way of incorporating melodies from the ’60s and ’90s indie pop to produce something that sounds both vintage and experimental.” -Genna Al Tai – CMJ