RED UFO: In which Octagrape re-discovered their love for the 4-track & recorded their debut album. Early demos were on 1/2″, but they were mostly all scrapped in favor of a live-in-the-studio approach. Starting right at the end of 2012 & running up into summer 2013, the newly formed 4-piece started writing at a fever pace & hitting record whenever a batch of new tunes were hitting their apex. Some 30 songs were recorded, the first few being released on a purplish brown 7″ and a bandcamp EP. By the time summer tours came around, RED UFO was ready for mixdown. From the fried pulse of opener “Real Light” to the final seasick euphoric rinse of “Trevor Cobalt”, this kind of sums up the live experience all squashed up in cheap old compressors & oozing out any opening available