Soul Junk

The roots of Soul-Junk began in 1993 when Glen Galloway began experimenting while touring as with his rock band Trumans Water. In 1994, he left Trumans to produce Soul-Junk as an independent solo project, eventually taking the moniker Glen Galaxy.

Musical Evolution:
Early Soul-Junk albums (such as 1950) almost exclusively feature low-fi, Indie rock style tracks of Glen singing bible verses interlaced with instrumental noise tracks. As Soul-Junk gained members its sound advanced toward rock and pop. 1953 and 1954 show signs of this continual change.

1955 shows a transition in Soul-Junk’s sound. The double-disk set consists of pop / Indie rock / hip hop influenced sounds. It is also the last disk to make extensive use of biblical quotes – though Soul-Junk’s lyrics still clearly reflect their Christian worldview.
Later albums are based in experimental, abstract hip-hop.

Recurring members:

* Glen Galaxy     * Slo-Ro (2001 – 2005)     * Brian Cantrell (1995 – 2000)     * DJ Mizzicah (1997 – 2003)     * Ron Easterbrooks (1995 – 1998)     * Nathan Poage (1998 – 2000)
*Jon Galaxy (1995 – 2001)  (2008-present)   *Brian Galaxy (2009-present) *Jude Galaxy (2008-present) *Milan Galaxy (2008-present)

Many others are credited per album or track.

Album naming convention: The first Soul-Junk release was called 1950. Its’ name was derived from the musical style of the era, a fusion of rock and free-jazz. Subsequent albums have been numbered up from 1950; Extended Play releases have been numbered down. Soul-Junk songs have also been released on innumerable compilations.