Glen Galaxy’s version of the story:
“So we figured that if we could fly out for a couple days and book a couple of shows at the end to cover the flights, we could get an EP together. It worked. The line-up was a four-piece, plus Daniel (danielson famile) engi-producing and stepping in for instrumental cameos. I (Glen) played guitars, keys, and sang. The songs were decidedly organically based and away from the hip-hop and drum&bass elements of recent Soul-Junk long-players. Jon Galaxy played bass and also contributed blurts and spritzes from a self-programmed drum-noise generator of his. Sufjan Stevens was the drummer, also doing a few organ & bell parts and singing along in large male choir arrangements. Slo-ro was the wild card, weighing in with clarinet and banjo and electric bubble touches…”

Daniel Smith’s version of the story:
“Glen Galaxy came with 20 guitar parts on a tape. Everyone was at their station around the New Jerusalem Recreation Room (m y parents basement). The stations were separated by mattresses and ping-pong tables. The assembling began and it was flawless. My friends Glen Galaxy, Jon Galaxy, Slo-Ro and this new character Sufjan Stevens ploughed through many unknown territories…all I could do is clap along. We would work and then come up for air and then the whip was cracked and back to work. Day three and the deadline was near. Glenn still had to write and record his vocals. The trooper (that he is) stayed up all night writing words and parts and the next morning’s “let’s do it” completed this project just in time. Lenny Smith and Micah Ortega joined in the men’s choir and Chris Palladino put on a synth part. I took these tracks and mixed them up and bounced them off of Glen. 1942 was born.”


Glen Galaxy – CTR, Singing, Farfisa, Keys, Breaking glass
Jon Galaxy – Bass, Hand concocted drum machine
Slo-Ro – Banjo, Clarinet, Trumpet, Loops, Electronics, Toy piano, Acoustic guitar, Backup singing
Sufjan Stevens – Drums, Melodica, Keys, Handclaps, Bells, Backup singing
Daniel Smith – Bass on “3 Fascinating Smells,” Tambourines, Toy piano, Handclaps, Backup singing
Micah Ortega – Backup singing
Chris Palladino – Synth on “Soon Seated”
Lenny Smith – Backup singingSongs by Glen
Artwork – Glen & Jude
Mastering – Drew Anderson @ Masterdisk
Produced by Daniel Smith

Track List:

  1. Live Inside The Soul-Junk Cathedral
  2. Israel & The Limping Hip
  3. Soon Seated
  4. 3 Fascinating Smells
  5. Weapons!
  6. Good As Dead