Originally co-released by Sounds Are Active and Sounds Familyre in 2003.  Now exclusively available on Sounds Familyre, as part of the Soul-Junk Reissue Campaign!

As with every Sounds Familyre release, this reissue will be available at all digital retailers (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc.).  However, beginning July 7, 2009, if you order through iTunes, your download will also include a beautiful digital booklet (in PDF format) created especially for the reissue, with original album artwork, credits, etc.  You won’t be missing out on a thing by ordering the mp3s.  Remember though, the digital booklet can be procured through iTunes ONLY.Of course, if you are the type of person that prefers holding the CD in your hands, just click ‘Add To Cart’.

REVIEWS – Opuszine, Stylus, Pitchfork, Fakezine

Track List

  1. Hezekiah & the Good Dad Cobras
  2. Moonpie Eating
  3. Auto Smuddling
  4. Thy Dark Streets Shineth
  5. Tasmanian Fork
  6. Buzzards
  7. …Geolinguistics
  8. Hogging All the Islands – Greg Kelly, Soul-Junk
  9. Nerve & Gall
  10. Sabor
  11. World’s Loudest Ventriloquist
  12. Long of Tooth – Daniel Carter, Soul-Junk
  13. Mesa Dixie
  14. Shots from the Master’s Eye
  15. Bougham