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Labeling a band comprised of accomplished Nashville rock scene purveyors as a “new artist” seems like a misnomer. But for Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil, this designation is only a technicality due to the surprising confidence and self-assurance of their debut album, Goliath.

Longtime friends and frequent creative collaborators, Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil (Jimmy Abegg, guitar; John Painter, bass; Peter Furler, drums) is a natural assemblage of diverse talents with a common drive – to rediscover the thrill of creating music unencumbered by the confines of industry limitations and reins.

Sounds Familyre is pleased to release Goliath’s initial pressing on several different vinyl colors, so choose between violet, pink, transparent green, transparent orange, and transparent yellow (or all five) when you place your order.

Track List:
Side A
1. Only A Ride
2. Double Negative
3. Goliath
4. Moonshot
5. Rubberneck
6. The Sympathy Vote
Side B
7. Standing In Line
8. In Layers
9. Happy Go Lazy
10. A Life Preserved
11. Comedian