Octagrape’s Major Mayor Maxion Marble LP out now!

Octagrape Major Mayor Maxion Marble vinyl
Sounds Familyre is proud to announce Octagrape’s new album Major Mayor Maxion Marble is available in stores on both vinyl and cassette. on Tuesday, January 20th!

Take one-half of Trumans Water mod I (Glen Galloway and Ely Moyal), add Vytear noise-dub head Jason Begin, send them on four quick tours and a trip to Gonerfest, add Alexander Dausche on the most electric bass…and what have you? A unit with road warrior ears, poor bleeding hands, and a strange desire to cover four of wild jams they treasured the most on those all-night drives through Wyoming and Pittsburgh. Major Mayor Maxion Marble features “Syntoptikon” from Twisted Village’s Major Stars, “Ghost Punch” from Sacramento’s Mayyors, “Verfremdungseffekt” from Pluto’s Dymaxion, and “Melted Moon” from Tokyo’s Marble Sheep. Tribute, homage, thrill-bent annihilation. A 4-song cover EP. The vinyl LP version is pressed on marbled vinyl!

Stop by your favorite independent record store to get a copy of Major Mayor Maxion Marble tomorrow! You can now stream the EP here and order the cassette and LP through Sounds Familyre.

Here is a stop motion video that artist Paul Goode did for Octagrape’s cover of Major Stars’ “Syntoptikon”: