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Dan Zimmerman

“Immanence, the concept that the divine resides within the material world, is the driving force behind this eccentrically powerful songwriter album… It’s a grounded sort of vision…a blinding light through clouds that floods the ordinary world with radiance and makes you see it in a different way.” – Jennifer Kelly / Blurt

“[Zimmerman] could talk you down from a ledge and could also deliver the sentence for some kind of damnation, with a voice that sounds like a cavern – its gruff and smoldering delicacies playfully twisting with themselves into a sweeping yolk that sounds as if it was mixed centuries ago and refined over the many, many years. It’s been given the patience of a saint, the gravity of a cliff, the solemnity of a stoic and the wisdom of a grandfather who still has so much to impart.” – Sean Moeller / Daytrotter

“Zimmerman’s gruff, Waits meet Cave meets Cohen vocals add an air of witness to the tunes here. Cosmic Patriot is the kind of record full of questing spirituality, cynicism and dark sexuality that is common to those gods; but Dan Zimmerman is his own man. This is a powerful, adventurous, uncompromising statement by an artist whose raw honesty and musical daring is compelling and reassuring. Yes, there are artists like him still around. “ – Mike Wood / Music Emmissions

“…a very unusual record for someone in their 60s to make, it croons and grinds and roars like a cantankerous uncle of Wovenhand’s; and for those who have come to appreciate the loosely defined “American Gothic” genre of the past few years, it will sound like something they’ve been listening to all along.” – Chris Estey / Three Imaginary Girls

“Dan Zimmerman doesn’t need a blog to confirm his abilities…Dan’s music transcends the static idea of pop songs an act more as an installment—something to meditate on rather than just listen to and discard.” – Joe Tacopino / Pop Matters

“On Cosmic Patriot we find a world-weary soul looking at this world but seeing into the next, as Zimmerman peers through his round coke bottle-bottom spectacles like a pair of Spiritual X-ray Specs.” – Bert Saraco / The Phantom Tollbooth

“Like Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, & Johnny Cash, Zimmerman’s music taps in to a primal understanding of life’s rich pageant.” – Bruce Warren / Some Velvet Blog / WXPN