Jørn Press

Formidable song writing (…) What a sympathetic piece of music: honeyed and rusty soulpop, with exclusive tone, rough texture, great depth and the pretty tops – like a Steely Dan that meets Mick & Keith in the swing door of the Fame studio in Muscle Shoals.
Dagbladet (rating 5/6)

Jørn Åleskjær is already responsible for some of the Norwegian pop history’s finest songs, as one of the songwriters of the eminent pop orchestra Loch Ness Mouse. Åleskjær and Loch Ness Mouse is thus quite similar in their musical expression, with strong West Coast influences, fusion-jazz and melancholic pop melodies.
Dagsavisen (rating (5/6)

Exhilarating solo debut. Everything is elaborate, catchy, varied and beautifully shiny.
Aftenposten (rating 5/6)

“Jørn Åleskjær from Aurskog in Norway is Norway’s most underrated artist. Hands down. Come on, give him some love. Keywords: Exile-Stones, Christian era Dylan and low shouldered Steely Dan.”
Natt & Dag

Åleskjær has made a magical album that will stay with me for years
Massiv (rating 9/10)