Tri-Danielson Omega


Released by Secretly Canadian in 1999.

Track List

  1. Cutest Lil’ Dragon
  2. Idiot Boksen
  3. Thanx To Noah
  4. Fruitful Weekend
  5. Failing A Test = Falling In Love
  6. Guilt Scouting
  7. Sold! To The Nice Rich Man!
  8. The Nose Knows
  9. Don’t You Be The Judge
  10. Deeper Than My Gov’t
  11. Deeper Than The Gov’t
  12. Deeper Than Our Gov’t
  13. Simply Be Just
  14. Tri-Danielson!!!

Alpha Omega Vinyl Reissue

Back in print for the first time since 2001, Tri Danielson!!! (Alpha/Omega) has been partially remixed, fully remastered, and makes its vinyl return dressed up in a brilliant new gate-fold jacket along with a very special bonus track!