Tell Another Joke at the Ole Choppin’ Block

1997 Release: Tooth + Nail
2001 Release: Secretly Canadian

2008 Vinyl Reissue: In addition to being back in print for the first time since 2001, Tell Another Joke At The Ol’ Choppin’ Block is now available as a 2×12″ LP format (as opposed to the 2×10″ format in which it debuted) and includes four bonus songs from a live WFMU session from 1996!

Track List:
1. No No
2. Ye Olde Battle Axe
3. Me to Datee
4. Lord’s Rest
5. Flesh Thang
6. Jersey Loverboy
7. I Am My Beloved’s
8. Big Baby
9. Deviled Egg
10. Quest for Thrills
11. Smooth Death
12. Jokin’ at the Block

Bonus WFMU live session (vinyl reissue only):
1. Like A Vacuum
2. God Bless
3. Pepcid 20 MG
4. Headz In Da Cloudz